"I have adopted 5 beautiful bunnies from Warwickshire Rabbits and Guinea Pigs S.O.S. The rescue strives to show new prospective owners multitudes of ideas of ways to house your bunnies in a way that cares for their welfare in the best possible way. Caroline and her team work tirelessly for the welfare of rabbits, going to events and holding fund raising ideas so that as many rabbits can be helped as possible. The best thing is that there is always help at the end of the phone if you need it, no issue is too small or silly, and a shoulder to cry on when you have a poorly bunny or have to help a bunny on its journey to rainbow bridge is invaluable. Thank you Caroline for my precious family members"

         -Lynn Green



"We welcomed Sophie and Jack into our family in November. We received lots of support and advice on appropriate lodgings prior to adopting as well as support to choose the guinea pigs that were right for our family as we have young children. Support has been on going and one thing I love is that social media enables us to stay in touch with the charity and there is a sense of being part of a community of animals lovers. I never would have got this after-care and support if we'd gone to the pet store and I am so, so happy we didn't. We love our guinea family members and will always adopt in future"

      -Rowan Rabot

"I adopted my beautiful Rosie from Warwickshire Rabbit and Guinea Pig SOS as a friend for Pippin. Caroline does an amazing job looking after all the rabbits and guinea pigs she rescues and is extremely knowledgeable. I would always recommend adopting rather than buying from a pet shop or breeder. The difference in Rosie's personality since bringing her home is phenomenal. She's one happy bunny now and has changed Pip's life too."

    -Cath Sloan

"As you can see I adopted few from Caroline and would never buy a pet from a shop ever again. With caroline they get the proper care after a bad start. Free range space and all the right food medicine etc shop rabbits don't have this which is really sad. Each one has their own personality and certainly make me and my family laugh. To see them binky has to be the best. Caroline makes sure after adoption they aren't in a prison they get the space they deserve or she will not let them go. I tell anyone I speak to adopt don't breed it's the same satisfaction"

    -Nikki Hale

"Luna was an only child for a while, but when it came time to get her spayed I decided she deserved a friend. After having trouble with local rescues, I contacted Caroline. I was able to go and see the rescue the same day and met Hardy. He and Luna bonded within a week (despite her being quite snooty!). Now they are now head over heels and he is the family member I never knew I missed before he joined us! Thanks Caroline."

    -Sophie Hurst

"I would like to thank Caroline for her time, support and sensible honest advice. We sadly lost one of our rabbits (rip Russell Sprout). We became increasingly worried about Biscuit Custard-Cream who I found out was falling in to depression. In less than 24hrs from my first call with Caroline biscuit was off on holiday to meet a new wife. I can't thank you enough for your dedication to the rabbit population! It was my gut feeling to re home a rescue rabbit and I'm so glad we found this rescue centre. now Biscuit and his Wife Amber are back home with us I still have the support of Caroline and a great network. Thank you."

    -Ruth Abigail

"I have upto now adopted 6 beautiful bunnies from Caroline. I would never consider going to anyone else. The advice and ongoing support from Caroline is priceless. I totally trust Caroline. I love that she loves every rabbit that comes her way and she would never rehome just gor the sake of it. The rescue has very strict requirements and if you cannot deliver forget it. That is how it should be. Caroline has always been at thd end of the phone to give ongoing support. Nothing is too much trouble. Every bunny I have are very happy and healthy. All thanks to Caroline. I am amazed how Caroline remembers every Bunnies name. Caroline for OBE!!!!! For ever greatful for introducing so much pleasure and joy from all my Bunnies"

    -Sue Ridgway

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