About our rescue

The Warwickshire Rabbit & Guinea Pig SOS was set up by Caroline Sutcliffe in 2006 it has now grown in size and become a registered rescue and adoption centre based in Rugby, Warwickshire.


Our aim is to rehome Rabbits and Guinea Pigs but also extends to the rescues mascot Marlie a miniature Shetland pony.


We have put in place a neutering and vaccination policy, whereby all Rabbits and Guinea Pigs will be neutered/spayed and vaccinated before leaving us.


To get rabbits and guinea pigs ready for homing isn’t an easy job and costs a lot.  Remembering food, hay, bedding etc as well as our petrol brings these costs higher. We aim to give our rescues the best start to their new lives so they are given selective rabbit food. We do not use pet shop style water bottles, all of our rescues are bowl drinkers. 


We are a voluntary not for profit organisation and all our funding is from adoption fees and fundraising activities, therefore, we ask for the desexing and vaccs to be covered in the adoption.


We do have minimum housing requirements and promote the use of sheds or enclosures rather than hutches for outdoor rabbits - the minimum size for a hutch would be a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft double hutch with an attached run. Adoptees will be carefully vetted and none of our rescues will be adopted unless satisfactory standards are met.


Spotlight on - Alice & Benji


Alice is a red eyed white Angora 18 months old beautiful girl she is neuted and fully vaccinated. She will require grooming and clipping also a shed set up to live in with plenty of free range.
She is happily living with her hubby Benji a 12 month old castrated boy also fully vaccinated.


Warwickshire Rabbit and

Guinea Pig SOS

A new beginning, a reason for living

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